Victoria University of Wellington

Rooms AM102 and AM104

6pm Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd April 2018

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The bluest game jam in Wellington

BluJam is a fun 48-hour game making competition for everyone.


BluJam is a fun 48-hour game making competition designed with beginners in mind. The entry fee is $10, which is payable at the door before the event begins.

Doors open at 5pm on the Friday for teams to set up. BluJam starts at 6pm with the announcement of the theme and runs until 6pm Sunday followed by voting and prize giving. Everyone, from first-year university students to post-grads, hobbyists to professionals, beginners to experts are welcome to sign up and make some games. Non-students are also encouraged to join.

You will compete in teams of up to and including 5 people to make a game inspired by a theme that is only revealed at the start of the competition.

There are no restrictions on the amount of preparation your team can make before the event, but we discourage you from building for a specific game. This includes but is not limited to; adapting a pre-made game to the theme and pre-making game assets. We want to encourage teams to work to the theme instead of trying to force prior code/designs to match, as well as ensure that the atmosphere remains constructive for beginners. External assets, including correctly licensed audio and graphics are allowed but not required.

Your team is judged on the creativity, fun, polish, and visuals of your game. These aspects were chosen to reflect the work you do during the competition and rewards teams who focus on the gaming experience than teams who focus on code complexity.

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Signups are open. $10 per team member

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I didn't sign up, can I still come?

We can not accept anyone who has not signed up before the competition begins or if we have already reached maximum capacity. If you are having difficulty registering while sign ups are open please contact us and we will try to help you out.

How/when do I pay?

You can pay with cash at the start of the event. We do not accept EFTPOS. A team must have all of their members pay in order to be fully registered for submission/prizes but members may drop from the team if they do not turn up.

Can non-students participate?

Yes. You can even have a team entirely comprised of non-students. While this is a competition aimed at junior programmers studying at Victoria University of Wellington we encourage anyone who wants to compete and share their knowledge to join up.

My team has dropped/added/changed a member, can I change my signup?

Yes. If you need to make changes to your team signups before the competition, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will edit the submission manually. Please give us the entry to change and the all the details of the new team. You may also change your team at the start of the competition (but not during) by coming to us in person.

Do I have to use BlueJ as my IDE?

Absolutely not. While the event name may be inspired by the IDE, we encourage everyone to use whatever tools they feel comfortable programming in to create their game.

In the past BluJam had rules around languages and frameworks - what's happened to them?

We've removed those rules in order to try and make BluJam more approachable to people with different backgrounds.

Why the name BluJam?

It started when we were looking to create another game jam alongside PxlJam. We focused on encouraging and nurturing newer people while still having the more experienced game makers join in. We decided that by restricting the allowed tools to those that newer people are familiar with they would feel more comfortable creating a game with them. The name BluJam comes from the BlueJ IDE that new ECS students use at VUW use when they learn to program in Java.

What do I need to bring?

The only things you are "required" to bring are your entry fee and a computer. We supply desks, chairs, power and internet (Wi-Fi and LAN). Everything else, including food, spare clothes and deodorant, is optional but highly recommended. Please bring headphones if you need sound, there will be a lot of other people who do not want or need to listen to your bad music or repetitive gameplay testing (Looking at you TAFT).

Is there (overnight) parking available?

Yes. There is free parking available all weekend, see below for where to park. Officially it is available from 5pm Friday until 5am Monday.

What happens overnight?

During the entire duration of the event you can leave and come back anytime, as many times as you want. You can also sleep on site but please do it within the rooms we have booked for the event in general, security do not like people sleeping on campus, current students or not. In the spirit of game jams, we encourage everyone to spend their time programming at the event. We also want people to look after themselves, which can include sleeping in their own bed instead of on the floor. After hours you will need a current student ID card to access the building, but you will be able to contact one of the event organizers if you get locked out at any point.

Can you take care of my stuff?

No. We are not responsible for property damaged or stolen at the event. That said, there are security cameras everywhere and we will provide assistance locating missing items if needed.

Is this PxlJam?

No. This is not PxlJam. We do not have shirts, we are cheaper and we will provide mentoring if teams would like it.

How does voting/judging work?

Voting performed by a combination of online voting by your peers and guest judges. The judging criteria are based on aspects of gameplay, polish, innovation and creativity.

Where is it?

BluJam is hosted in rooms 102 and 104 (opposite the WishBone cafe) of the Alan MacDiarmid building on the Kelburn campus of Victoria University of Wellington.

Parking is available from 5pm Friday until 5am Monday in the VUW carpark. We recommend parking just south-east of the Alan MacDiarmid building as it is the easiest way to access the event if you are driving in.

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